My name is Gurpreet Singh and I have 5-year experience in this industry. In present, I am working on live projects of the network which are related to routing & switching.

Today, all technology based on the network because most people use the internet in the world and that is the best example of the network. So, we are starting some networking blogs like switching & Routing. It’s very beneficial for those guys who want to start his career in networking.

In our site networkingsignal.com some of the categories available like how to, ultimate guide, topic, comparison, topology base, and live scenario. Here we provide also some topology-based and scenario-based examples with question answers. Cisco, Juniper, IBM, HP, etc having popular in networking devices, here we suggest you how to configure those devices.

In future we are planning about some of the industries live network how its work what types of problem will be faced there and how to troubleshoot with less time. You always contact us on social media if you want to gain some quick knowledge and understanding.