Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh

Hey! I"m Gurpreet Singh and I Have 7+ Years of experience in the Network & Security Domain as well as the Cloud Infra Domain. I am Certified with Cisco ( CCNA ), CheckPoint ( CCSA ), 1xAWS, 3xAZURE, and 3xNSE. So I love to share my tech knowledge with you.

What Do Ethernet Lights Mean?


Ethernet ports on network devices like routers, switches, and network interface cards contain small LED lights that provide visual indications of the status and activity of the network connection. These lights are extremely useful for understanding what is happening with…

How Long Do Modems Last?

A modem is a hardware device that allows computers to connect to the internet. It converts data from a digital signal that computers use into an analog signal to send over telephone, cable, or fiber lines. Modems then also convert…

Cloud Networking: A Quick Guide


What is Cloud Networking? Cloud networking refers to the practice of designing, implementing, and managing networks in cloud computing environments. It’s an integral part of cloud infrastructure, allowing organizations to establish and manage their network resources in a virtualized and…