OSI model vs TCP/IP Model ( Comparison )

Ever you read the OSI model vs TCP/IP model in full detail? But if anyone asks you simply what is the difference between the OSI model & TCP/IP model? Maybe you have only one or two difference like OSI have 7 layers and TCP/IP have 4 layers. but that type of answer is like a schoolboy, not a network guy.

An interviewer asks mostly that question. So, now I writing about the difference between the OSI model & TCP/IP model

OSI model (in which 7 layers work- Application layer, Presentation Layer, Session Layer, Transport Layer, Network Layer, Data Link Layer, Physical Layer) is a generic and independent standard protocol. it is acting as the gateway of communication between the user and the network end. Switches operate at layer 2 in the OSI model i.e. Data Link Layer.

OSI model vs TCP/IP Model ( Comparison )

OSI model vs TCPIP Model

TCP/IP (in which 4 layers work- Application layer, Transport layer, Internet layer, Network access) is based on that protocol standard in which Internet has developed work on the host over the network.

  • In the OSI model delivery of packets must be guaranteed by the transport layer. In TCP/IP, no one layer takes a guarantee like the OSI model but is still more reliable than the OSI model.
  • OSI model in which layer 3 (network Layer) gives two services – connection-oriented & connectionless. TCP/IP in which the Internet layer provides only connectionless service.
  • OSI model works as a guidance tool. TCP/IP is like some part of the OSI model.
  • OSI models some problems face to fit outside the protocol. Separately Can not fit any Protocol in the TCP/IP model.
  • OSI model has strict Boundaries. It follows the vertical approach. TCP/IP does not have. It follows the horizontal Approach.

You read the above difference between the OSI model & TCP/IP model. Now maybe you have strongly acknowledged the same…o o o one difference is pending please check below is an important difference between the OSI model & TCP/IP model.

Most Important Point OSI model vs TCP/IP Model

  • OSI model is firstly developed model then developed protocols.
  • TCP/IP first developed protocols on its behalf model developed.

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