OSI model vs TCP/IP Model ( Comparison )

Hello, guys…Ever you read the OSI model vs TCP/IP model with full detail. But if anyone asks you simply that what is the difference between OSI model & TCP/IP model? Maybe you have only one or two difference like OSI have 7 layers and TCP/IP have 4 layers. but that type of answer like a schoolboy, not a network guy.

An interviewer asks mostly that question. So, now I writing about the difference between OSI model & TCP/IP model

OSI model (in which 7 layers working- Application layer, Presentation Layer, Session Layer, Transport Layer, Network Layer, Data Link Layer, Physical Layer) is a generic and independent standard protocol. it is acting as the gateway of communication between the user and network end. Switches operated at layer 2 in OSI model i.e. Data Link Layer.

OSI model vs TCP/IP Model ( Comparison )

TCP/IP (in which 4 layers working- Application layer, Transport layer, Internet layer, Network access) is based on that protocol standard in which Internet has developed work on the host over the network.

In the OSI model for delivery of packet must be guaranteed by the transport layer.

In TCP/IP, no one layer takes guarantee like the OSI model but still more reliable than the OSI model.

OSI model in which layer 3 (network Layer) gives two services – connection-oriented & connectionless.

TCP/IP in which the Internet layer provides only connectionless service.

OSI model work as a guidance tool.

TCP/IP like some part of the OSI model.

OSI model some problem face to fit out side protocol.

Separately Can not fit any Protocol in the TCP/IP model.

OSI model has strict Boundaries. It follows the vertical approach.

TCP/IP does not have. It follows the horizontal Approach.

You read the above difference between the OSI model & TCP/IP model. Now maybe you have strongly acknowledged for the same…o o o one difference is pending please check below is an important difference between OSI model & TCP/IP model.

Most Important Point OSI model vs TCP/IP Model

OSI model is firstly developed model than developed protocols.

TCP/IP first developed protocols on its behalf model developed.

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