Which is the Below Function Performed by the Network layer?

Which is the Below Function Performed by the Network layer?

  • Routing
  • Congestion control
  • Mac filtering
  • windowing


The following functions are performed by the network layer:

  • Routing: Determining the best path for a packet to travel from its source to its destination. This may involve finding the shortest path, the least congested path, or the path with the least latency.
  • Congestion control: Managing the flow of traffic on the network to prevent overloading and ensure that all devices have access to the network resources they need.

The following functions are NOT performed by the network layer:

  • MAC filtering: MAC (Media Access Control) filtering is a security measure that is implemented at the data link layer (layer 2) of the OSI model, not the network layer (layer 3). MAC filtering involves allowing or denying access to the network based on the MAC addresses of devices.
  • Windowing: Windowing is a flow control mechanism that is used at the transport layer (layer 4) of the OSI model to prevent buffer overflows. It involves the sender sending a limited number of packets (the “window”) at a time, and the receiver acknowledging receipt of the packets before the sender can send more. The network layer does not perform windowing.

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