Which Task is NOT Done By Data Link Layer?

Which Task is NOT Done By Data Link Layer? Choose the best option

  • Framing
  • Error control
  • data flow control
  • channel coding


The data link layer is responsible for providing reliable communication between devices on a network by providing error detection and correction, flow control, and media access control. Some of the specific tasks performed by the data link layer include:

  • Framing: Dividing the data stream into discrete frames that can be transmitted over the physical link.
  • Error control: Detecting and correcting errors that may occur during the transmission of data over the physical link.
  • Flow control: Ensuring that the sender and receiver of data are able to communicate at a rate that is mutually agreed upon, and that data is not lost or discarded due to buffer overflows.
  • Media access control: Managing access to shared media, such as a network cable or wireless channel, to ensure that devices can communicate without interference.

The following task is NOT performed by the data link layer:

Channel coding: Channel coding is a technique that is used to improve the reliability of data transmission over noisy channels, such as a wireless link. It involves adding redundant information to the data stream, which can be used to detect and correct errors that may occur during transmission. Channel coding is typically performed at the physical layer (layer 1) of the OSI model, not the data link layer (layer 2).

Therefore, the correct answer is: Channel coding

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