Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh

Hey! I"m Gurpreet Singh and I Have 7+ Years of experience in the Network & Security Domain as well as the Cloud Infra Domain. I am Certified with Cisco ( CCNA ), CheckPoint ( CCSA ), 1xAWS, 3xAZURE, and 3xNSE. So I love to share my tech knowledge with you.

How RSTP Works?

How RSTP Works

RSTP is a very efficient STP implementation that works by exchanging information between switches in order to determine the best path for data traffic. RSTP uses a special purpose signaling protocol called Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) to achieve rapid…

Types of Ethernet Cable


Ethernet cabling comes in a few different types, the most common being twisted pair and coaxial. Twisted pair is the type of cable you’ll find in most homes and offices, and it consists of two insulated wires that are twisted…