Spanning Tree Modes: STP, RSTP, MSTP

Spanning Tree Modes STP RSTPMSTP

Spanning Tree Modes Spanning Tree Modes are essential protocols used in computer networking to prevent loops and broadcast storms in redundant network topologies. These protocols ensure that only one path exists between any two nodes in a network at any given time, preventing data collisions and packet loss. This article will cover the three primary … Read more

What is a VLAN?| Range | Benefits | Uses

What is a VLAN Range Benefits Uses

What is VLAN? A VLAN is a virtual LAN. VLANs keep different network traffic isolated from each other even if they are on the same physical network. This allows for better security and performance because traffic only flows between the devices that are on the same VLAN. It also makes it easier to manage the … Read more

UDP Port 67 Explained


UDP Port 67 is a key component in modern network infrastructures, allowing vital automatic assignment of IP addresses and configurations to clients. By using a simple broadcast/response protocol, the Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) and its successor DHCP dynamically assign addresses without needing human intervention. When a new device boots up on a network, UDP messages to … Read more