What are Express Route Circuit, Features, and How to Create?

What are Express Route Circuit Features, and How to Create

What is Express Route Circuit? An Express Route circuit is a type of connection that allows you to create a private, high-bandwidth network between your on-premises locations and Azure. Express Route circuits can provide you with more consistent and lower latency than typical internet connections, as well as greater security and reliability. You can use … Read more

What is Azure Virtual network gateway (VNG)?

What is Azure Virtual network gateway VNG

What is Azure Virtual network gateway (VNG)? A virtual network gateway is a software-based, fully managed multi-tenant gateway that provides secure, connective “bridging” services. Its main purpose is to provide an Azure cloud platform for on-premises and cross-premises connectivity for both virtual networks (VNets) and sites. The Azure virtual network gateway can be used to … Read more

Azure Networking Concepts

Azure Networking Concepts

As you move your workloads to Azure, it’s important to understand the different networking concepts available to you. In this post, we’ll discuss Azure Networking Concepts like virtual networks (VNets), subnets, public IP addresses (PIPs), and NAT gateways. We’ll also cover how these concepts work together to create a secure and efficient network topology in … Read more

What is Azure Load Balancer and How to Create It?

What is Azure Load Balancer and How to Create It

What is Azure Load Balancer? The load balancer is one of the essential components in cloud computing. It helps to distribute the workloads evenly across a group of servers or networks so that no single server or network is overloaded. This ensures that the application or service is available to users with minimal downtime. The … Read more