Flat Ethernet Cable vs Round: Which to Use and When


When setting up a wired local area network, one of the most basic but important decisions is which type of Ethernet cable to use to connect devices. Ethernet cables come in two common styles: flat and round. Both have unique advantages and disadvantages in terms of flexibility, durability, compatibility, aesthetics, and cost. Looking at the … Read more

Does an Ethernet Cable Slow Down wifi For Others?


Would plugging in an Ethernet cable be slowing down your Wi-Fi? You’re not alone. It’s a common question that pops up, especially when we’re sharing our internet connection with multiple devices. The relationship between Ethernet cables and Wi-Fi performance is a fascinating one. It’s like a delicate dance, where one wrong step could potentially disrupt … Read more

How To Fix Ethernet Cable Without Crimper?


Ethernet cables are the backbone of wired internet connectivity for many homes and offices. They connect PCs, laptops, printers, servers, and other devices to form local area networks through routers, switches, and hubs. Over time, Ethernet cables can become damaged due to repeated bending, crimping, or stretching which can cause connection problems. Repairing them quickly … Read more

How To Identify Ethernet Cable?


Ethernet cables are critical components in setting up wired computer networks and establishing connectivity between devices. Correctly identifying the category and type of Ethernet cable is extremely important to ensure compatibility between equipment, getting maximum performance, and avoiding any network issues. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of understanding different types of Ethernet cables, … Read more