What is Circuit Switching? Detail Explained

What is Circuit Switching Detail Explained

What is Circuit Switching? In circuit switching, a dedicated physical connection is established between the two nodes before communication can take place. This connection, or circuit, is then maintained for the duration of the communication session. Once the session is finished, the circuit is dismantled. Types of Circuit Switching There are two main types of … Read more

What is VDC in Nexus Switches and How to Create It?

What is VDC in Nexus Switches and How to Create It

What is VDC in Nexus Switches? Virtual Device Contexts (VDC) is a feature in Cisco Nexus switches that allows for the creation of multiple virtual devices within one physical device. This enables each VDC to function as an independent device, with its own configuration, capabilities, and resources. This provides flexibility and scalability, as well as … Read more

Upgrade Your Cisco Catalyst Switch IOS: Avoid Security Threats and Get New Features


Upgrading the IOS (Internetwork Operating System) image on your Cisco Catalyst switches is an essential part of network maintenance. Whether your switch operates in Layer 2 or 3, the IOS software handles all network protocols and delivers the necessary features you need for your network. Therefore, keeping your IOS software up to date ensures that … Read more