Load Balancer vs Rate Limiting: 5 Key Differences

Load Balancer vs Rate Limiting 5 Key Differences

There are two common ways to deal with excessive traffic on a website: load balancing and rate limiting. Load balancing distributes the traffic across multiple servers, while rate limiting restricts the amount of traffic that can come from a single source. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, which we will explore in this article. Key … Read more

How To Disable Firewall on Windows, Mac, and Linux?


A firewall is an essential network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic and blocks potentially harmful connections. Firewalls are a barrier between your trusted internal network and untrusted external networks, such as the Internet. They filter traffic based on configurable security rules in order to prevent unauthorized access, malware infections, and malicious attacks. … Read more

7 Ways To Protect WiFi Password


WiFi networks are everywhere and make our lives easier with instant connections. With most homes possessing a WiFi network, it paves the way for unauthorized users to gain quick access and make changes to the password. In this article, let’s look at the vitality of WiFi passwords, the storage approach, and 7 possible ways to … Read more

50 Cyber Security Memes


So, you know those funny pictures, GIFs, or short videos that get shared around on the internet? Those are called memes. Now, imagine those memes, but they’re all about cybersecurity. That’s what cybersecurity memes are! In today’s world, memes are everywhere. They’re a big part of our online culture. And the cool thing is, they’re … Read more

A Detailed Guide to Asymmetric Encryption Concepts


Unlike symmetric encryption which uses a single key, asymmetric encryption ensures that secret messages can be securely transmitted over insecure public networks like the Internet. The groundbreaking asymmetric encryption algorithms introduced in the 1970s provide the foundation on which a vast array of secure communications protocols and technologies are built. This article will provide a … Read more