Stateful vs Stateless Firewall: Some Key Differences

Stateful vs Stateless Firewall Some Key Differences

The debate on stateful versus stateless firewalls has been a long and hard-fought one. The terms “stateful” and “stateless” refer to how the firewall treats traffic. A stateful firewall keeps track of every connection passing through it and makes sure that each packet is part of an existing connection. A stateless firewall, on the other … Read more

What Features are Available in the NextGen Firewall?

What Features are Available in the NextGen Firewall

What are the Features Available in the NextGen Firewall? Explanation The NextGen Firewall provides comprehensive features to keep your network secure and protected. These features include: Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI): This feature examines incoming traffic and allows only authorized traffic through. It also monitors all outbound traffic for malicious activity. Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): This … Read more

Packet Filtering Firewall: Detail Explained

Packet Filtering Firewall Detail Explained

What is Packet Filtering Firewall? A packet-filtering firewall is a type of firewall that controls network traffic by examining the headers of the packets and deciding whether to allow or block them based on a set of rules. Packet filtering can be used to control both inbound and outbound traffic. Packet filtering is one of … Read more

What are Network Security Problems and How to Protect Them?

What are Network Security Problems and How to Protect Them

What is Network Security Problems? There are many potential network security problems that can arise from having an open and interconnected network. One of the most common security issues is data breaches, where confidential information is accessed without authorization. This can happen when hackers gain access to a network or when employees accidentally leave data … Read more