VTP – VLAN Trunking Protocol

VTP VLAN Trunking Protocol

We are discussing a very interesting topic of switching i.e. VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol). Through this blog, you can understand VTP and the role of VTP in switching. In this blog, we have discussed all things about VTP and its work function. VTP- VLAN Trunking Protocol: VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol) has three modes: 1. Server … Read more

How to Find MAC Address on iPhone?

How to Find MAC Address on Switch

In the world of modern technology, networking plays a crucial role in enabling seamless connectivity between devices. One essential aspect of networking is the MAC address, a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces. Understanding how to find the MAC address on an iPhone can be valuable for various purposes, from troubleshooting network issues to enhancing … Read more

What is EtherChannel, Its Protocols, and How to Configure It?

What is EtherChannel, Its Protocols, and How to Configure It

What is EtherChannel? EtherChannel is a port link aggregation technology used primarily on Cisco switches. It allows the grouping of several physical Ethernet links to create one logical channel that provides a bandwidth of up to 4 Gigabits per second (Gbps). EtherChannel has been available on Cisco Catalyst switches since the introduction of the Cisco … Read more