Split Internet Connection Between 2 Routers: Quick Guide


Having an internet connection that is split between two wireless routers can help you to have faster, more reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home. When connecting two separate routers in this way, you’ll need to configure them differently than you would the single router you usually use. If you’re unfamiliar with configuring and connecting multiple routers, … Read more

What are Multi-Gig Routers and How Do They Work?


Do you need a reliable internet connection for your business? Then multi-gig routers could be the answer. In this blog post, we’ll explain what multi-gig routers are and why they’re so beneficial to businesses looking for an efficient network solution that can support large numbers of users at once. We’ll look at some of the … Read more

What are VPN Routers and How do Set It Up?


Have you ever heard of Virtual Private Network (VPN) routers? They are becoming increasingly popular for businesses and individuals who wish to increase their online security. A VPN router operates by using a secure tunnel to route all of your internet traffic, regardless of the device or service that is being accessed. This ensures that … Read more