What are the two features of ARP?


What are the two features of ARP? (Choose two.) Why? If a host is ready to send a packet to a local destination device and has the IP address but not the MAC address of the destination, it generates an ARP broadcast. If a device receiving an ARP request has the destination IPv4 address, it … Read more

Versa SDWAN vs Cisco SDWAN: Detail Explained

Versa SDWAN vs Cisco SDWAN Detail Explained

What are Versa SD Wan and Cisco? Versa SD Wan and Cisco are two of the most popular choices for software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN). They are both well-suited for enterprise network deployments, offer a variety of features, and have a strong reputation for reliability. Here’s a closer look at each: Cisco SD Wan One of … Read more

Which subnet would include the address as a usable host address?


Here’s Why? The subnet that would encompass the IP address as a usable host address is In the CIDR notation, signifies that the initial 26 bits are designated for the network address, leaving the remaining 6 bits for host addresses. The range of host addresses within the subnet extends from to The IP address falls within this range, confirming its status as a usable host address in … Read more

What is SD-WAN Controller? Detail Guide


What is an SD-WAN Controller? SDWAN Controller is a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution that provides centralized control and management of distributed WAN infrastructure. By leveraging virtualization, the SDWAN Controller allows for more efficient use of resources and improved performance across the WAN links to branch offices, remote sites, and mobile workers. The controller … Read more