Network Switch Configuration Screenshots: A Must-Have for Any Network Administrator


Taking regular screenshots of network switch configurations is an important best practice for any network administrator. Capturing and archiving these configurations provides documentation of how the network is set up at any given time. This allows you to monitor changes, roll back unwanted changes, and diagnose issues by comparing configurations. Importance of Regularly Taking Screenshots … Read more

Loop Prevention in BGP Routing

Loop Prevention in BGP Routing-compressed

The stability and optimal performance of networks running BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) rely heavily on preventing routing loops. Loops can lead to suboptimal routing, congestion, and instability. Understanding techniques to avoid loops is critical for effective BGP operations. Preventing loops should be a top priority for network administrators operating BGP networks. Routing loops can cause … Read more

What Information is in the Data Payload of the Ethernet Frame?


The Ethernet frame, a key component of network communication, is structured to carry a wealth of information necessary for the successful transmission of data across networks. One of the most critical parts of this structure is the data payload. The¬†data payload¬†of an Ethernet frame, also known as the frame body, is the segment that carries … Read more