Total Wireless By Verizon: Full Guide

What is Total Wireless by Verizon?

Total Wireless is a leading prepaid wireless service provider known for offering affordable no-contract cell phone plans. Founded in 2015, Total Wireless leverages Verizon’s nationwide 4G LTE network to provide coverage to over 99% of Americans across the United States.

As we enter 2023, Total Wireless continues to provide affordable and reliable no-contract wireless service by leveraging Verizon’s nationwide 5G and 4G LTE networks.

With headquarters located in Miami, Florida, Total Wireless delivers value-packed wireless service to millions of customers seeking premium network access at discounted rates.

As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Total Wireless purchases network access from Verizon at wholesale rates and then sets its own consumer plans and pricing structures.

This allows Total Wireless to utilize Verizon’s robust network while controlling costs and passing significant savings down to end users.

With no physical stores, the company operates as an online-only wireless provider. Customers can purchase service plans, phones, and SIM cards directly through the Total Wireless website and manage their accounts online or through the mobile app.

With 5G expanding this year, Total Wireless customers can now access Verizon’s next-generation speeds in more areas across the country.

Choosing the right wireless provider requires careful consideration of several factors – network coverage, data speeds, plan options and affordability, customer service access, and device offerings.

With confusion in the crowded wireless market, Total Wireless stands out as an excellent option for individuals and families aiming to maximize savings without compromising connectivity.

For those seeking premium wireless service at a fraction of standard costs, a closer look at Total Wireless plans, coverage, customer support, and device selection can illuminate the advantages of switching.

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Total Wireless Plans By Verizon

Featuring a range of flexible and affordable options, Total Wireless plan offerings are designed to appeal to diverse budgets and needs.

With shared data available across multiple lines, individuals, families, and small businesses can all find a cost-effective solution. Core Total Wireless plans include:

Total Wireless Plans By Verizon

These updated plans have more data included, at the same or better prices. Total Wireless also added a new unlimited all-data plan for $60/month in 2023. Taxes and fees are included and 5G access is available on compatible devices.

An unlimited talk and text allowance comes standard with each plan. After the allocated high-speed data is exhausted, speeds are reduced to 2G speeds for continued access. Multi-line discounts and family plans with pooled data are available for additional savings.

For instance, four lines on the 10GB family plan cost just $100 total per month. Data add-ons can also provide short-term boosts in high-speed allotments as needed for $10 per GB. Additional perks include data carryover and international calling options.

Compared to major postpaid operators like Verizon, Total Wireless delivers significant savings of 50% or more per month on plans with similar data amounts. Prepaid offerings from Metro, Boost Mobile, or Cricket do provide cheaper rates on lower data amounts like 2GB or 5 GB.

However, Total Wireless plans offer superior value and more competitive pricing at higher data tiers starting at 15GB and up. With taxes and fees already included, Total Wireless plans provide simplicity and affordability.

The benefits of Total Wireless plans include substantial cost savings, flexibility across data amounts, easy online account management, and the consistent reliability of Verizon’s nationwide 4GLTE network. Customizable options make it easy to tailor wireless service to match individual or family needs.

Total Wireless Coverage

By utilizing Verizon’s industry-leading network, Total Wireless is able to provide its customers with exceptional 4G LTE coverage and performance across the United States. Verizon’s 4G network encompasses over 2.61 million square miles, greater than competitors like AT&T and T-Mobile.

Total Wireless Coverage

This vast reach translates into reliable nationwide service for Total Wireless subscribers, even in rural locations where connectivity can be limited.

Verizon’s relentless network expansion and enhancement delivers over 98% of population coverage across the country.

The latest network statistics show over 302 million Americans have access to blazing-fast Verizon 4G LTE, enabled by massive infrastructure investment and cutting-edge fiber and wireless technologies like millimeter wave 5G.

Consistently recognized for network quality, Verizon’s outstanding coverage and speeds empower Total Wireless to deliver carrier-grade connectivity at discount pricing.

Thanks to Verizon’s expanding 5G network, Total Wireless customers now get enhanced 5G connectivity in over 2,700 cities nationwide as of early 2023. Verizon expects to reach over 175 million people with ultra-wideband 5G by the end of 2023.

In contrast, prepaid providers like Metro and Boost Mobile operate on T-Mobile’s network, which covers 250 million people in the U.S. Other prepaid carriers utilize Sprint’s network with only 204 million people covered.

So while these discount operators may offer cheap wireless plans, their underlying network reach and capability simply do not compare to the performance unlocked by Total Wireless via Verizon.

Total Wireless Customer Service

Providing effective support resources to help customers is a key part of the Total Wireless experience. Whether through the website, mobile app, phone, email, or online chat, Total Wireless offers customers multiple self-service and direct channels for assistance. Support options include:

  • Account management tools via online account dashboard and mobile app
  • Online knowledge base with DIY help for common questions
  • Web chat and email ticketing for non-urgent inquiries
  • Phone support is available 7 days a week from 7 AM to 11 PM CT
  • Active online community forum for sharing tips and advice

In 2023, Total Wireless now offers 24/7 customer support via phone and online chat. Support hours have expanded to address customer demand for around-the-clock assistance.

The benefit of Total Wireless customer service is the mixed media approach that blends essential self-service and human interaction capabilities.

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From online account management to web chat and phone support, users can easily get help when needed through their channel of choice. As a cost-conscious provider, Total Wireless strives to offer solid support while minimizing expenses that would increase rates.

Total Wireless Devices

To use Total Wireless service, customers can bring an unlocked compatible device or purchase a new or pre-owned device directly from Total Wireless. With quality selections from trusted brands, device options include:

  • Apple iPhone – iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone SE, older models
  • Samsung Galaxy – S22 Series, S21 Series, A53, A13 and more
  • Google Pixel – Pixel 7, Pixel 6a, Pixel 6, older Pixel models
  • Basic flip phones from Alcatel and Kyocera
  • Pre-owned condition iPhones and Samsung devices
  • Unlocked phone compatibility for BYOD

New devices available for 2023 include iPhone 14 series, Samsung Galaxy S23 series, and more. Customers can also access 5G on existing devices through software updates.

Pricing on Total Wireless phone sales tends to be lower than major postpaid carriers, but device costs are higher than buying directly from the manufacturer.

There is also a more limited selection focused on high-demand models versus all options from device makers. However, with both new and pre-owned devices available, there are still quality options accessible to fit different budgets.

The advantage of Total Wireless devices is the ability to find an affordable, gently-used device or purchase a new model with savings compared to postpaid retail pricing.

Customers who already own a compatible unlocked device can also simply bring it to Total Wireless service and avoid any phone purchase. With phones spanning flagship devices to basic burners, Total Wireless strives to offer choices to meet diverse needs.

Wrap Up

In closing, when evaluating wireless providers, Total Wireless emerges as a leading choice for value-focused consumers.

With added data, new unlimited plan options, expanding 5G access, enhanced customer service, and the latest device offerings, Total Wireless continues providing impressive value and wireless service in 2023.

For those seeking to maximize savings without compromising connectivity, Total Wireless delivers outstanding bang for your buck.

Considering coverage reach, plan pricing, customer service, and device selection, Total Wireless provides compelling advantages compared to both major postpaid carriers and other prepaid competitors.

For reliable nationwide wireless on a budget, Total Wireless is an excellent option worth focusing on as you determine the right wireless provider for your needs.

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