Which statement regarding the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is accurate?

Which statement regarding the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is accurate?

  • BGP is limited to a single autonomous system.
  • BGP is exclusively a distance-vector protocol.
  • BGP is a more advanced version of OSPF.
  • BGP utilizes TCP for communicating updates.

BGP utilizes TCP for communicating updates accurately.

But Why?

BGP uses TCP as a transport protocol for several reasons.

One reason is that TCP is a reliable transport protocol, meaning that it ensures that data is delivered to its destination without errors. This is important for BGP because routing updates contain important information about the network and must be delivered accurately.

Another reason is that TCP provides flow control and congestion control mechanisms that allow BGP to adapt to changing network conditions. BGP routers can exchange large amounts of data during the process of updating their routing tables, and TCP helps to ensure that the network does not become overloaded with traffic.

Finally, TCP provides a reliable way for BGP routers to establish and maintain connections with each other. BGP routers use TCP connections to exchange routing updates and to negotiate the parameters of the BGP session.

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