Which of the following is not a firewall type?

Which of the following is not a firewall type?

  • Universal
  • static packet filtering
  • proxy
  • stateful inspection

Universal is not a type of firewall.

But Why?

A universal firewall is not a specific type of firewall. Instead, it is a term that refers to a firewall that is capable of implementing multiple types of firewall technologies, such as static packet filtering, proxy, and stateful inspection.

A universal firewall can be used to protect a network from a variety of different types of threats, and it is often considered to be more flexible and versatile than a firewall that only implements a single type of technology.


The other three options are all types of firewall technologies that are used to control network traffic and protect against various types of threats.

which of the following is not a firewall type optimized

Static packet filtering is a type of firewall that uses a predetermined set of rules to block or allow traffic based on the source and destination IP addresses, port numbers, and other information contained in the packet.

A proxy firewall acts as an intermediary between a client and a server, forwarding traffic between the two and blocking or allowing traffic based on predetermined rules.

A stateful inspection firewall tracks the state of each connection passing through it and uses this information to decide whether to allow or block traffic based on predetermined rules.

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