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What is Uplogix Beyond Out Of The Band?

Uplogix Beyond Out Of The Band (UBO) is an enterprise-level network and security management solution that helps organizations improve operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, and deliver secure access to systems, applications, data centers, and external networks.

UBO provides a range of features such as monitoring of devices connected to the network or remote sites, automated distribution of security patches, and automated authentication for remote users.

UBO is fully integrated with the latest network infrastructure components, making it easy to securely connect and manage corporate networks. UBO also provides access control management, ensuring that only authorized personnel are able to access corporate IT resources.

How Does UBO Works?

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The working of UBO is based on the principle of Out Of Band (OOB) network access. UBO provides secure out-of-band management solutions that enable organizations to securely and remotely manage their networks and IT infrastructure.

UBO is a system where an additional service port or modem connects to an external, secure server located outside the corporate network. This server is managed by Uplogix and provides a secure, tamper-proof mechanism for remote management of the network. The server can be used to manage network devices in remote locations as well as provide a secure tunnel into the corporate network.

UBO also provides logging and reporting capabilities that help businesses quickly identify any unauthorized changes or activity on the corporate network.

How Can We Configure UBO?

Configuring UBO is easy and can be done by using the Uplogix Console. Here are the steps to configure UBO:

#1. Create an Administrator Account: The first step is to create an administrator account with a unique username and password. This will allow you to access the console, manage devices, and configure rules.

#2. Establish Credentials for Accessing Network Devices: Once the administrator account is created, UBO will need to be configured with credentials for each network device. This can either be done manually or by using a configuration file generated by Uplogix Console.

#3. Configure Network Settings & Rules: Once the credentials have been established, the administrator can then configure rules and settings on each device connected to the corporate network. This will allow UBO to monitor and control the devices connected to the network.

#4. Activate Monitoring & Alerts: Once all the configuration is complete, UBO can be activated to monitor and alert on any changes or unauthorized activity on the corporate network.

What are the Benefits of UBO?

Here are some of the benefits of using UBO:

  • Improved Operational Efficiency: UBO helps reduce operational costs by providing automated patch distribution and monitoring of network devices connected to the corporate network. It also eliminates manual authentication for remote users, improving overall network security.
  • Increased Visibility & Control: UBO provides enhanced visibility into the network and IT infrastructure, giving administrators full control over the entire system.
  • Enhanced Security: UBO provides a secure out-of-band management solution that helps protect against unauthorized access to corporate networks and data centers.
  • Automated Patch Distribution: UBO automatically distributes security patches to all devices connected to the corporate network, reducing the risk of security breaches.
  • Comprehensive Logging & Reporting: UBO provides comprehensive logging and reporting capabilities that enable administrators to quickly identify any unauthorized changes or activity on the corporate network.

Why UBO is Important for Security?

UBO can detect if a user is trying to access confidential data without permission. The system will also alert administrators to any changes made to the network configuration or unauthorized devices connected to it.

UBO provides an added layer of security and helps organizations ensure that their network remains secure and operational at all times. By providing automated monitoring and alerting, UBO helps organizations protect their assets and stay ahead of potential threats.

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